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The best way to play Spotify on your sound system.
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Compatible with spotify A Spotify Premium feature

Turn your home sound system into a WiFi music player.

Bring your music to life

Gramofon brings the music you love onto your sound system in one click using the Spotify app. Make the most of your music at home and enjoy the experience with others.

Get the party started

Gramofon also turns your sound system into a WiFi hotspot. When your friends come over, they can connect to the Gramofon WiFi signal and play music on your Gramofon.

Music everywhere

Let the music follow you wherever you go. Place multiple Gramofons in your home and control them from the palm of your hand.

Better than Bluetooth

The Gramofon uses WiFi which allows for higher sound quality, longer range and no interruptions with calls or if your phone runs out of battery.



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